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楓 Kaede

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WOW! !!!! !! [Oct. 11th, 2005|08:42 pm]
楓 Kaede

I got this journal back! And seeing as there's sooo much crap on here, I got a new one ^.^ (kaetia) sooo guys, go and add me, so I don't seem lame with no friends!

PS.. I'll update on there, and i've copied my friends list over.

Muchos <3
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2004|10:16 pm]
楓 Kaede
[mood |bitchybitchy]

Like.. 95% of the enteries on here are friends only. If you're not on the list now, you'll need a good reason to be.

Also, just to let you people I don't give a damn about know, I'm in love. Be happy for me. Yes.

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XD! [Oct. 23rd, 2004|09:04 pm]
楓 Kaede

You Know You're Addicted to Photoshop When...

You see the world with one eye and stock images with the other.

When asked what the primary colors are, answer "RGB"

You get the urge to 'fix' poor quality images.

You start teaching your significant other to use this "evil" program and in the space of one afternoon convince them it's at least only quasi-evil in the face of PSP.

You ramble about a breakthrough in the piece you're doing to people who have no idea in hell what you're talking about

You ponder the meaning of existence without layers.

You never leave the house without a digicam and notepad.

You drop something and your brain tells you automatically "Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!". When you realize it won't work, your brain tells you "Ctrl-Alt-Z! Ctrl-Alt-Z!"

You're getting dressed for something important and you look in the mirror and realize you would look so much better if you could just tweak the levels a little and apply a slight gaussian blur.

You stop on the street to rant about cheesey effects that should not be on professional posters.

You scream out fonts as they appear on TV.

You have dreams in "glowing edges"

You're standing by the ocean and wondering who used Ocean Ripple.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Photoshop.

Get Your Own Addicted Meme Here

More cool things for your blog at

{The ones in bold are true}
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2004|05:42 pm]
楓 Kaede
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Crimson Star]

Today a raindrop fell on the tip of my nose .. it tingled ..
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2004|08:35 am]
楓 Kaede
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Crescent]

It is a story about a girl. While at the funeral of her own mother, she met this guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be, that she fell in love with him there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later the girl killed her own sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister?
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Umm.. I choose youuu.... ?!?!?! XD [Jan. 22nd, 2004|08:34 am]
楓 Kaede
[mood |crazycrazy]

I'm in such a whhheeeeeee moooooddddddddd. *dances on the ceiling*

*american accent* So yah, I totally bought this new webcam and like, it totally blows so ummm I'm gonna *chews gum* take it back and like I got a new one, like a Logitech one and stuff.. but seriously, Trust suck. *gum* Yah.. and like yesterday, me and Gareth got the CD art printed and like whatever, and like I totally updated their website.. and umm... it's a total TEENN VIDEOOO EXPERIENCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Kae || Nightbreed says:
LOL!!!!!!! You'd make a good pokemon.. seiyamon I CHOOSE YOUUUUUUUUUUU

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

Kae || Nightbreed says:

Kae || Nightbreed says:

Kae || Nightbreed says:

Kae || Nightbreed says:
it's your opponent

Kae || Nightbreed says:
*ummmmmmm* VIDOLLMON.. "Will Seiyamon be able to overcome her lust and WIN this POKE-battle of DOOOOOOOMMMMMM???!?!?!?!"

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
OMG teh d00000000mz!!!!
*morphs into a "virtual doll" and charges towards vidollmon* [LOL]
"raaaaargh! I am scary and cute look at me RAAAAAARGH"

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
*pokes vidollmon*

Kae || Nightbreed says:
ooooooo and its a fight to the death here at pokemon central, thats right folks! 8:30am and here we have two TOUGH OPPONENTS.. but it looks like sei... virtual doll (-mon?!) is kicking some ass here.. oooo here we gooooooo

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
[rofl, omg]
"you'll nevaaa defeat me vidollmon! Just coz I dont own any of your cd's doesnt mean I suck. I'm gonna rape...umm..KICK yo' a$$! Biyatch"

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
*does some rampant seiya-ish fighting*

Kae || Nightbreed says:
"And the crowd goes quiet.. it's tense down here at POKE-CENTRAL anddddd vidollmon is on the floorrr!! and what's this?! Seiya seems to have aquired a rather large.. umm.. stick.. YES A RATHER LARGE STICK.. AND NOw, Oh my, she seems to be beating poor vidollmon to DEATHHH X.X"

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
"take THAT! and THAT" *slap slap whack stab"
OmFG VIDOLLMON! DIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *like, major uber dramatic stab*

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
*pokes vidollmon*

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
"is it dead? oO:"

Kae || Nightbreed says:
Yes.. it appears so.. yes.. so, I guess chaps SEIYAMON IS THE CHAMPION *sings the pokemon theme tune* Yayyyyyyyyy!!! WoooOOOooOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOttttttttt!!!! XDXDXDXD

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:

+Virtual+Ningyou+ ||Kisakitty x Juice <3|| ^o^; mamii x dadi says:
*does the seiya dance*

Uber Suave!!
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2003|06:41 pm]
楓 Kaede
[mood |crushedcrushed]

My dream finished last night.. the one I'd been having for months. It was a sad ending.. I don't know if I've told any of you about it? I don't think so.

The teachers found the goth chick and the black girl drinking vodka in one of the dorms. The goth girl, (Nancy,) ran down the chapel stairs to the little place where the stairs meet at the bottom. She stayed there for a while, rocking back and forth to the music in her head. She could look up and see the light coming from the rooms. Then she heard people looking for her so she tried to hide in the chapel.. she hid behind the cross and the little bookcase. She wondered if she could be converted? If there was still time to be like them? Before she could think of what to do, they came in there so she ran again and found Roxanne, (the black girl,) and they ran up to the top of one of the turrets and hid. They were looking out of the ocean, so fucking harsh and grey.. you know how it is.. The heard Cecile, (little snobby head of year,)'s voice coming up the stairs. There was only one way to get away from them.. into the headmistress' office. They ran in. Roxanne found a place to hide, behind a curtain behing the computer. The teachers came in before Nancy had a chance to hide. They caught them both.

The teachers made all the girls assemble on the balcony. They sat all of Nancy's and Roxannes friends around them. They open two trapdoors infront of the two girls seats and they were pushed into them, with the cords around their necks. They drowned before their necks broke. The pushed them into the cold ocean to freeze to death and to drown. For drinking.

I woke up in tears. I loved Nancy.
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She was..? [Sep. 14th, 2003|05:57 pm]
楓 Kaede
She sat up, shivering. It was a cold night and because of this she pulled on her night gown as she descended the stairs to her dark bathroom.. she poured herself a glass of water, and returned up the dark hallway to her bedroom. She walked over to her bed and pulled back her covers. Looking, she saw herself laying there, with his head on her breast. She saw he was crying and wanted to hold him, but her gaze would not move from the image of herself.. looking back up at her...
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